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Foundations of Math II

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A more in depth study of the real numbers, linear and quadratic equations,
absolute value equations and inequalities, graphing, systems of equations, rational expressions, integer
exponents, polynomials as introduced in an introductory algebra course. Course will also include study of
rational exponents and radical expressions.

a. Inequalities, absolute value, sets, and operations on real numbers
b. Variable expressions and mathematical models
c. Linear Equations with applications in one variable
d. Linear Inequalities and applications in one variable
e. Absolute value equations and inequalities
f. The Rectangular Coordinate System
g. Introduction to Functions
h. Slope and Equations of lines
i. Inequalities in two variables
j. Systems of linear equations and applications
k. Systems of linear inequalities
m. Exponential expressions
n. Operations with polynomials
o. Factoring of polynomials
p. Solving equations by factoring
q. Quadratic equations
r. Operations on rational expressions
s. Solving rational equations
t. Rational exponents and operations on radical expressions
u. Solving radical equations

The student will develop a more in depth understanding and working knowledge of the following topics:
a. Set operations, inequalities, absolute value, and operations on real numbers
b. Translating verbal models into mathematical models
c. Solving linear equations and inequalities
d. Solving absolute value equations and inequalities
e. Using the Rectangular Coordinate System to graph linear equations in two variables
f. Functions including graphing and evaluation
g. Slope and writing equations of lines
h. Graphing linear inequalities in two variables
i. Solving systems of equations and inequalitities
j. Simplifying exponential expressions
k. The operations, simplification, and factoring of polynomials
l. Solving quadratic and higher degree equations
m. Solve rational equations
n. \The relation of rational exponents and radicals
o. Solving radical equations