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Course Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

Course Description
For students preparing for the precalculus-calculus sequence or for statistics. Topics include graphing and modeling with linear and quadratic functions; solving applications; interpreting data read from graphs; solving absolute value equations and inequalities; solving systems of equations in two and three variables algebraically and graphically; factoring; operations with rational expressions; fractional exponents; radicals; complex numbers; and the solving of rational, radical and quadratic equations.This course has been designated as a course which incorporates critical thinking.

Note: A TI-83 or a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator is required. I would also strongly suggest that you purchase a TI-Connectivity cable so that you may connect your TI graphing calculator to your computer. You will then be able to print out graphing calculator screens for assignments.

Course Goals
At the end of this course, successful students will
1. Develop a proficiency in the algebraic skills that are necessary for the study of advanced math courses.
2. Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and be able to apply these concepts outside the context in which they were learned.
3. Develop and extend their critical thinking skills.
4. Develop problem-solving skills.
5. Use functions and mathematical modeling to apply mathematics to real-life situations.
6. Use the graphing calculator effectively to visualize and strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

The recently updated prerequisites of this course are:
• MA 1140, Algebra I/Algebra II, with a grade of C or better, or
• MA 1104, Algebra II, with a grade of C or better, or
• Placement by the Mathematics Placement Test.

Evaluating Your Preparation for This Course

Below is a list of sections for students to review as needed during the first week of class. This is material that has been covered in the prerequisite math course. These topics are also all covered in any elementary algebra text. If you have difficulty with any of the problems, read the appropriate sections of the text or look in any elementary algebra text to find an explanation or more similar practice problems. If this does not help, ask questions in the Discussion Board, come see the instructor outside of class, or go to the math lab for help in person or online.

Section Material Covered Suggested Review Exercises
1.1 Describing Data with Sets of Numbers pp. 10-12, 1-71 odd
1.2 Operations on Real Numbers pp. 21-24 1-93 odd Checking Basic Concepts 1-3 all
1.3 Integer Exponents Handout pp. 37-40 1-111 odd Download Exponents.pdf and Integer Exponents.pdf attached above.
Handout Percents Download Review _of_ Percents.pdf attached above. Skip 23 and 24 for now
1.4 Formulas and Problem Solving pp. 46-50 1-59 odd Checking Basic Concepts 1-5 all
3.1 Solving Linear Equations Algebraically p. 152 39-55 Solve using pencil and paper methods
3.2 Solving Linear Inequalities Algebraically p. 162, 164 7, 9, 41-53 Solve using pencil and paper methods.
5.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials pp. 283-284 29-39 odd, 47-53 odd, 61-71 odd
5.3 Multiplication of Polynomials


pp. 303-304 7-21 odd, 37-85 odd Download Factors_and_Terms .pdf attached above. pp. 303-304 7-21 odd, 37-85; odd
5.4 Factoring Polynomials (GCF and Grouping) p. 312 1-15 odd, 33-39 odd Download Factoring by Grouping.pdf attached above.
5.5 Factoring Trinomials p. 321 7-33 odd
5.6 Factoring Difference of Two Squares and Perfect Square Trinomials p. 7-35 odd Download Binomial Products.pdf attached above.