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Elementary Algebra

Class Philosophy:

My intent for this class is to create an effective learning environment and provide every
opportunity for you to succeed in meeting the course objectives. I trust that you are committed to
making every effort to master this class and be ready to take on more advanced math classes.

Course Description: Introduction to basic algebra. Includes translating written statements into
algebraic expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities, graphing, integer exponents, and
polynomials. Also includes factoring, simple rational expressions, square roots, quadratic equations
and optional topics.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the

1. Express written statements algebraically.
2. Solve linear equations.
3. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables graphically and algebraically.
4. Solve linear inequalities and graph solutions on the number line.
5. Graph linear equations and inequalities.
6. Apply the laws of exponents to expressions with integer exponents.
7. Perform the basic operations on polynomials.
8. Factor polynomials.
9. Reduce and build rational expressions.
10. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide simple rational expressions and solve rational
equations involving linear equations.
11. Simplify and perform operations on numerical square-roots.
12. Solve quadratic equations by factoring, taking roots, and quadratic formula.

Course Outline:

I. Translate written statements into algebraic expressions.

II. Linear Equations
A. Simplify and solve using advanced techniques
B. Applications

III. Linear Inequalities
A. Solve
B. Graph on the number line
C. Applications

IV. Graphing
A. Slope, intercepts, Point-Slope Formula
B. Slope-Intercept Form, Standard Form
C. Vertical/Horizontal Lines
D. Parallel/Perpendicular Linear
E. Inequalities (2 variables)

V. Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
A. Graphing
B. Substitution Method
C. Elimination Method
D. Applications

VI. Integer Exponents
A. Apply Laws of Exponents
B. Negative exponents
C. Scientific notation

VII. Polynomials
A. Terminology
B. Basic operations

VIII. Factoring
A. Common factor
B. Trinomials
C. Difference of squares

IX. Simple Rational Expressions
A. Reduce and build
B. Basic operations and avoiding division by zero.
C. Solve rational equations involving linear equations.
D. Applications

X. Square Roots
A. Evaluate
B. Simplify
C. Perform operations

XI. Quadratic Equations
A. Solve by factoring
B. Solve by roots
C. Solve by Quadratic Formula

XII. Optional Topics
A. Solve Radical Equations (Linear only)
B. Factoring by grouping

Required Text Book(s)

Beginning Algebra Approach, 10th Edition, Lial, Hornsby, McGinnis, Pearson Addition Wesley 2008

This item may be purchased (or can be ordered) at the East Campus Bookstore.