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Functions and their graphs, systems of linear equations, application problems, inequalities, absolute value equations. Rational
exponents, radicals, quadratic functions and equations, ratios and proportions.

Math 40 or MATH 40L, or a satisfactory score on the math placement test.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Identify and use algebraic terminology and function notation.

2. Solve the ration, radical, linear and absolute value and quadratic equations.

3. Solve linear and absolute value inequalities.

4. Solve systems of linear equations.

5. Identify and apply algebraic formulas.

6. Use algebra to analyze and solve applications.

7. Interpret results and recognize reasonable answers.

8. Graph linear and quadratic function.

9. Determine the equation of a line.

10. Interpret the graph of a function.

Individual instructors may order this outline as fits the needs of their individual courses. In addition, they may place more
emphasis on some areas than on others. What is assured is that this particular list is covered in the course. Other topics may
be added to a course as the instructor sees fit, and as time and interest allow. An *asterisk can be used to mark an item as

I. Functions and graphs

A. Definition of function

B. Notation

C. Domain and range

D. Graphs

II. Systems of equations

A. Solving equations in two variables

1. Graphically

2. Substitution

3. Elimination

B. Solving systems of equations in three variables

C. Solving applications: systems of equations

III. Inequalities and problem solving

A. Interval notation

B. Intersections, unions and compound inequalities

C. Absolute- value equations and inequalities

D. Linear inequalities in two variables*

E. Polynomials and rational inequalities

IV. Rational exponents

A. Radical expressions and functions

B. Rational numbers as exponents

C. Simplifying

D. Operations with radical expressions

E. Solving radical equations

F. Application

G. Complex numbers*

V. Quadratic functions and equations

A. Quadratic equations

1. Completing the square

2. Quadratic formula

B. Applications

C. The discriminant*

D. Variation and problem solving*

E. Quadratic functions and their graphs

F. Optimization*