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Converting Fractions to Decimals

EXAMPLE: Write 5/18 as a decimal.

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide
the numerator by the denominator. Then


STEP 1: Enter the fraction.
(Use the division key for the fraction bar)
STEP 2: Press .
Use the down arrow to go to 2: >Dec
Press or just press 2.
Then press again and you will see
the decimal equivalent for the fraction.

EXAMPLE: Write 0.275 as a fraction.

STEP 1: Enter the decimal, then
STEP 2: Select 1: >Frac
Press or just press 1.
STEP 3: Press again and you will
see the fractional form of the decimal.**

**Note: If the answer cannot be simplified or the denominator of
the fraction contains more than three digits, the calculator will
not convert a decimal to a fraction and you will have the decimal form.