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Keep up the good work Algebrator staff! Thanks!
N.J., Colorado

I just wanted to tell you that I just purchased your program and it is unbelievable! Thank you so much for developing such a program. By the way, I recently sent you an email telling you that I had purchased PAT (personal algebra tutor) and am very unhappy with it.
Adalia Toms, OK

Thanks to the creators of the software. The context sensitive help on any topic of algebra made me clear my basics of mathematics. A very very useful tool ..
Patricia Blackwell, NJ

I have tried everything. We use it every day for her schooling. Great program!
B.F., Vermont

OK here is what I like: much friendlier interface, coverage of functions, trig. better graphing, wizards. However, still no word problems, pre-calc, calc. (Please tell me that you are working on it - who is going to do my homework when I am past College Algebra?!?
Sam Willis, MD

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