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Algebrator is far less expensive then my old math tutor, and much more effective.
Candice Murrey, OR

As proud as my Mom was every time I saw her cheering me after I ran in a touchdown from 5 yards out, she was always just as worried about my grades. She said if I didnt get my grades up, nobody would ever give me a scholarship, no matter how many rushing yards I got. Even when my coach showed me your program, I didnt want no part of it. But, it started making sense. Now, I do algebra with as much confidence as play football and my senior year is gonna be my best yet!
Linda Howard, GA

My daughter is dyslexic and has always struggled with math. Your program gave her the necessary explanations and step-by-step instructions to not only survive grade 11 math but to thrive in it. Thanks.
C.K., Delaware

My fourteen year-old son, Bradley, was considered at-risk by his school. But, I couldnt make him listen to me. Then when a teacher at his school, Mr. Kindler bless his heart, got him to try an after-school program, it was like a miracle! I wouldnt say Bradley became a model student but he was no longer failing his math classes. So when I found out that Mr. Kindler based his entire program on using Algebrator, I just had to write this letter to say Thank You! Imagine that!
Annie Hines, KY

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