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One of my students brought in a program called Algebrator. At first I thought it would be a great tool to help all my students who were struggling. When I researched further, I figured out that it also helps me prepare a lesson in half the time.
Theresa Saunders, OR

Wow! The new interface is fantastic and the added functionality takes it to a new level.
Dana Boggs, VT

Algebra homework has always given me sleepless nights but once I started using Algebrator it has been fun. Its made my life easy and study enjoyable.
D.B., Washington

I was having problems learning quadratic equations, until I purchased your software. Now I know how to do not only do quadratics, but I also learned with the step by step examples how to do other more difficult equations and inequalities. Great product!
Johnson, NY

I needed to test out of algebra to satisfy the entrance requirements for school. Algebrator saved me. Thank you!
Nathan Lane, AZ

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