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Thank you so much for your continued help and support. You said you would stick with me until you resolved the problem and you did. I really appreciate your help. I like the program very much and look forward to learning it well. My compliments to your company for having competent tech support personnel that are willing to go above and beyond in resolving software problems.
Walt Turley, CA

My son has struggled with math the entire time he has been in school. Algebrator's simple step by step solutions made him enjoy learning. Thank you!
Barbara, LA

My son has used Algebrator through his high-school, and it seems he will be taking it to college as well (thanks for the free update, by the way). I really like the fact that I can depend on your company to constantly improve the software, rather than just making the sale and forgetting about the customers.
Tabitha Wright, MN

The most thing that I like about Algebrator software, is that I can save the expressions in a file, so I can save my homework on the computer, and print it for the teacher whenever he asked for it, and it looks much prettier than my hand writing.
John Doer, TX

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